The Future of Solar Energy

BBOXX SMART Solar is a platform which allows distributors to manage a scalable portfolio of solar products. It provides monitoring, real-time analytics and remote device control on a range of systems from the consumer focussed BBOXX Home up to the business focused BBOXX Enterprise.

The SMART Solar platform allows BBOXX and its distributors to remotely control products, de-activating them if payments are missed, and detects if deliberate device tampering is attempted, reducing investor’s risk.

Remote Monitoring

BBOXX's SMART Solar technology is used to provide proactive service to all of BBOXX's customers. BBOXX can remotely detect issues with products, such as degraded batteries or dirty solar panels and inform the customers either through a dedicated call centre or through BBOXX's network of technicians.

The technology is used to better understand this emerging and fast paced market. By understanding how its customers are using their lights or TVs, BBOXX can optimise future products to better meet these needs. BBOXX can even remotely upload new charging profiles or parameters to a BBOXX solar home system to ensure that a customer’s battery lasts as long as possible.


Every day, BBOXX collects more than 5,000,000 data points from our solar home systems. This data gives us a unique insight into the performance of our solar home systems, and how our customers use them. Here are some of the questions we’ve been asking so far:

1. How are customers using their systems?

2. How do customers spend their “energy budget”?

3. When do TV customers in Kenya run out of battery?

Currently we are collaborating with leading academics in order to apply machine learning techniques, which will help us to understand which appliances our customers are using, when they are using them and for how long. This will enable us to better understand our customers' needs, continuously improving the services we provide them.


Over the last 12 months BBOXX has been trialling SMART Solar units in order to understand the impact of SMART Solar in the most remote parts of the developing world. Through our SMART units alone, we are proud to announce that we have:

  • impacted the lives of over 26,000 people, helping them to light their houses and develop competitive businesses,
  • ensured that over 6,500 school children have access to clean energy,
  • offset CO2 emissions by over 2,000 tonnes, and
  • helped households save over $127,000 on energy.

It is our mission to continue to develop our technology and improve our services in order to provide the most rural parts of the world with access to clean energy.